Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Getting older offers many new perspectives and I think for me, the older I get the more clarification I feel about what's truly important and just  how lucky I am. I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I am secure with myself, secure with my spouse, secure in our relationship and our life. We have our tough times, but all in all, we have a pretty great life. Which is why, I feel like it's important to mention a few of the people and things for which we are most grateful for this holiday season: 

1. My husband. He has made me a stronger person. He challenges me to be the best that I can be and yet he always knows when I need his shoulder. To my chagrin, sometimes I feel like he knows me better than I know myself and I'm thankful that he loves me as much and as sincerely as he does. He is my best friend. 

2. My family. This year has been an emotional roller coaster for my family, but I have to say for all the drama that has transpired we are in the best place we've ever been in and I've never felt so loved and I hope they feel the same.  I'm excited for the future and all that it brings. I'm also extremely excited to have my Aunt and cousin back in my life and even more excited to get to know a cousin I had never even met! 

3. My in-laws and their gigantic family. As in-laws go, this can be a pretty dicey situation; but, I've gotta say... ( and I'm not just saying this because half of my readers are my in-laws :)) I hit the jackpot! I feel like I'm part of the gang. I love getting to spend time with all of them and I am SUPER excited to see my brother/sister in law and my adorable nieces and nephews in St. Louis this Christmas. They are so fun and it's been too long! 

4. My girlfriends. Seriously. I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am for my girlfriends. We may not talk ALL the time, but I know exactly who I would call in an emergency, in a fit of rage, in a tearful moment, or for a good laugh. To say they are my rock, doesn't even begin to define what they are to me. They get me through the day for a multitude of reasons; whether it's a serious talk on a restaurant bathroom counter, a good cry with two maybe three bottles of wine, or a laughing fit when someone decides to bust out Nelly or fake fall in the middle of the mall just to cheer you up. I am lucky to have such strong, passionate, different and wonderful women in my life. To Brooke, Elizabeth, Christen, Laurie, Katie, Klement, Ashley, and Megan: THANK YOU for loving me... ALL of me :). My baby is going to be TRULY blessed to have so many amazing adopted Aunts :) 

5. My baby. Already I am a different person. We haven't even met and already you are such a large part of me. The love we feel for you cannot be measured and I am excited for you to become a part of our family. You are loved, very loved. 

6. Montana. I am soooooo not an animal lover, but Montana you have captured my heart and forever changed my perspective of animals. Thanks for FINALLY warming up to me and being the best cuddle buddy EVER. 

7. Our Texas Friends. Tyler and I have made many new friends in Texas this year and geez, we are so appreciative of you all. You have taken us in and made us feel part of the group. We've had a blast with you all and are excited for this next year! 

8. (This one is shocking I know!) The move. This move has been the most challenging thing I think I've ever done. It has tried my patience, my courage, my nerves, and my heart, BUT looking back..... This move has also made Tyler and I THAT much closer, it has forced me to live outside my bubble and to step outside my comfort zone. I've learned just how strong I can be and I'm thankful for that knowledge. 

Take a minute to thank those who've loved you this year! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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