Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back with a few pics!!!

We've had a busy 2 weeks! Birth of or first child, baby in the NICU for seven days, trying to learn to breastfeed in the NICU (out in the open, aghhhh!!!!), baby released from NICU, grandparents (round one) arrive, still trying to learn to breastfeed, moved into our new home, newborn photos, trying to unpack, trying to take care of a newborn, then more grandparents arrive..... yikes, are you exhausted yet?? because I am!!!! 

Slowly, but surely we are getting into our groove, so thanks for being so patient with me! I've received loads of emails, text messages and phone calls, and the most surprising and wonderful outpouring of love was all the ADORABLE First Mother's Day Cards I received today when we finally found our mailbox from our family and friends.... I love you guys! I promise to return to the land of the living sometime this week and start posting more. I also owe about a gazillion of you a phone call!!! In the meantime, here are a few pics of what's been going on in the Deneault household.....

Ford preparing to leave the hospital.....

Ford loves to cuddle with Daddy!
Ford met his new sister Montana 
And tried out his new bassinet
Got lots and lots of kisses from Mommy (she was supposed to be packing up the apartment)
And got his first sponge bath from Daddy

Then Baby Ford helped us move into our new home!
And obviously has lots of opinions on how Mom should decorate :)
The last two weeks have been insane and although I wouldn't recommend this crazy life to most, I've got to say I wouldn't change a thing.......well maybe just the episiotomy and the NICU part.... but all and all the last two weeks have been extremely special and have once again left Tyler and I, thanking God for blessing us with this beautiful baby boy and wonderfully supportive family and friends. 
Thank you! 

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