Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow, it's been a long two days. Tyler is out of town and conveniently Ford is either going through a growth spurt or suffering from colic. Literally, from the moment Tyler left my child has been inconsolable and will not let me put him down. The only time he's not crying is when he's eating (which by the way is every hour and a half and I'M BREASTFEEDING, ouch!)  or when he takes his twenty minute cat naps (yah, no sleeping here). It's been tough to say the least. I am trying my hardest to remain calm, but that's easier said then done. I found myself beginning to tear up in the bathroom this afternoon as I held my screaming child and looked at myself in the mirror while repeating,  "You can do this, you can do this....."  It's amazing how something so cute and so small can bring a grown up to their knees.... yikes. 

Many of you have messaged me with suggestions, articles, and advice and as always- I can't thank you enough. I've been trying the 5 S's and that seems to be helping a little. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm counting the seconds until Tyler gets home!!! I have a new found respect for single parents bc GEEEEEZ this parenting thing on your own is TOUGH!!!


  1. not sure how you feel about it, but when our little one was like that it turned out she needed a little more than I could offer. so we gave her an ounce of formula and she calmed right down. and it didn't lead to any problems with nursing whatsoever. just thought I'd pass the info :)

  2. Oh no!! I've SO been in those shoes!! I know we've never actually met before, but I would've been MORE than happy to come give you a little mommy break! It's AMAZING what an hour or so of silence can do for your morale :) I know this is a crazy, crazy transition time, but I'd LOVE to help you out in anyway that I can! Email me - huffman_rhonda @ yahoo .com or call me 215.9545 if there's anything AT ALL that I can do!! Just a trip to the grocery store by yourself can do wonders!!! :)


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