Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Musings....

Suddenly I'm feeling very nostalgic. Maybe it's because my Mom just gave me a boat load of my old childhood Christmas ornaments, maybe it's the cheezy Christmas tunes we've got cranked up in the house, or quite simply my impending motherhood. Whatever it is, I am feeling extremely blessed and loved this holiday season. That said, I thought I'd share a few things that make Christmas special to me...

1. Christmas Movies. If you had asked me four years ago, hands down, my favorite would have been White Christmas with Bing..... he used to be my main squeeze. However, after being married to Tyler I've switched teams.... I'm so team George Bailey.... Tyler just epitomizes this character and all of his goodness. When I watch this movie I'm just so happy with our present and so excited for our future....
"George Bailey lassoes' stork!" ahem.... Tyler Deneault. 

2. Candy Canes. Love em. I've gone through three, maybe four boxes in the last seven days. My absolute favorite way to indulge in one of these puppies is in the afternoon. I make a cup of decaf coffee add my cream and sugar and then open a candy cane and use it to swirl... trust me it's delish! I can thank my Mom for this wonderful habit. She used to do this when I was a little girl and I used to steal sips of this yummy treat when she wasn't looking. So maybe candy canes are to blame for my height?? Hmm....

3. Christmas Crafting & Cooking. I also owe this holiday tradition to my Mom. Not only did she make most of our holiday decor she also baked more Christmas cookies than I can possible describe. Let me put it this way, I remember every table in the house being covered with trays of cookies before she got to assembling! Hah, it's funny how the things you rolled your eyes at when you were younger end up becoming some of your most wonderful memories. (And Mom, before you get too excited.. No there will not be a tree in every room and no I will not have themed trees.:) ) 

4. Christmas Music. This memory is a new one... since Tyler to be exact. I have never met anyone Tyler's age with such an affinity for older music. He loves all things Frank, Dean, and Sammy, and although he will cringe when I say this- he has an absolutely FANTASTIC voice. I love that come December 1st (and not a day sooner) he cranks on the BOSE system and blasts these iconic artists and their Christmas albums, more importantly I love that he sings along. When I hear him sing I am immediately taken back to when we first started dating and hearing him do this for the first time. Ladies.... I was hooked. Hearing and watching him do this was about as Clark Griswald as I can describe and well I just knew he was the one.

5. Christmas Morning. I don't even have kids yet and already it's my favorite morning of the year. UNFORTUNATELY I will not be able to partake in my families traditions this year due to the little "bundle of joy" in my belly BUT I'll at least tell you about a few of my favorite things.... My Dad makes KILLER Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's.  Mom makes some sort of yummy breakfasts and Dad makes yummy drinks and we all nestle into our favorite spots on their couch and partake in HOURS of gift giving and libations. All while the local news station in Florida plays the crackling fire ( For all you non-Floridians let me explain. People don't really have fireplaces in FL, so we cheat and the news station plays a rolling fake one all day on Christmas, cheesey and yet WONDERFUL I know!) Grrrr..... so yes, I will miss that tradition this year.... oh "bundle of joy" how I love you :). 

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories or traditions? 

Until then have a fabulous day and I'll leave you with this little snippet of life in the Deneault household.....


  1. ok, totally right, Tyler is Jimmy Stewart, NOT Carey Grant! LOL
    BTW you can find the fake fire place on TV in TX too! look on the music stations on you cable. They used to do better ones back in the day they stopped programming for CHristmas but now apparently we all can't make it a few hours without tv!
    I so heart the classic music too, December 1 brings Bing and Sinatra immediatly as well as memories of my mom and grandparents who aren't here anymore. Bittersweet but wonderful too. Next year will be even more fun for yall!

  2. This has inspired me to watch some classic Christmas movies… addition to Love Actually and The Holiday. I love your traditions and though you will be missing ‘you family’ traditions you and Ty are starting ones your bby boy will remember and carry with him. Those will be HIS family traditions…that’s very exciting to think about!


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