Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis!

And we're off! Headed to St. Louis until Sunday to see lots of family that's LONG overdue!!! This trip is sure to be a blast..... Top 5 things I'm excited about.....

1. Seeing my other nieces and nephews, who are so fun!!! I haven't seen them in a year and a half and gosh I just can't wait to pal around with them! Shout out to Devaney!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

2. Hanging out with my other brother and sister in law. Conrad's HILARIOUS and Susan is one of those people I could literally grab a cup of coffee (or wine!) and talk to for hours and hours and hours.

3. Seeing the rest of the gang! My family is rather small, so it's overwhelming and yet FANTASTIC to be surrounded by all of Tyler's family members, all with different personalities, and stories.... LOVE IT!

4. Eating, eating, eating..... I've mentioned the Deneault's affinity for cooking, what I haven't mentioned is my brother in-law's affinity for baking....  (Tyler's Pepere (Grandfather) owned a bakery and Conrad definitely acquired this gene!) All I can say is WOW. I can guarantee that I will return to  Texas in a carb-induced coma!!

5. And if I'm not in a carb-induced coma, my heart may have trouble beating as the last thing I'm excited about is....White Castle, Lion's Choice, and Ted Drew's.... Don't laugh these are all fast food joint's that are no where to be found in Texas, or Florida for that matter! ( I'm preggo people, ALL I THINK ABOUT IS FOOD!!! :))

I will try to post at least once while I'm in MO, but just in case, have a fabulous holiday with your loved ones and I will definitely be posting Monday with lots of stories about our big adventure!!!

Merry Christmas! 

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  1. OMG. first off, have a great trip! & a safe one. second, i LOVE ted drews...i had a t-shirt from there in high school and i think if i was allowed i would have worn it every day. see you SOOOO soon! xo


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