Thursday, December 16, 2010

The kid can dance.....

Wow.... for the past two weeks my sweet little baby has been having tap dancing class in my uterus. I've felt him literally jump on my bladder for I swear, at least, fifteen minutes each time. All I've got to say is as "neat" as that was, I was SUPER thrilled this morning when I woke up to find he had discovered my tummy! Now instead of Fred Astair antics on top of my bladder. I've got a football kicker inside me, gearing up for the Super Bowl! He kicked so hard this morning that Tyler was even able to catch a few! Who knows maybe sweet little Ford will be a football star??

In other news, I'm off to my sister-in-law's house for a Bake-a-thon this morning! We both had some Christmas Baking to accomplish and so we decided to brave it together! My Mother-in-law, Cathy is in town too, so we miggghhhhhhht be twisting her arm to help :).

I'll post some pics of all our yummy creations later!

Have a super day! 9 Days 'til Christmas!!!!

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