Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's make some baby food!

Alright, so in case your new here, I make my own baby food. And no, I'm nowhere near as granola as that sounds. But, I feel like organic is best for my baby and well, let's face it folks, organic pre-made food is (gulp!) expensive! And since we're already spending Ford's College tuition on his non-allergenic formula and I can't stomach even the thought of cloth diapers (I'm a wimp), we try to pinch pennies where ever else possible ( I kid! sorta....). 

As nerdy as this sounds, I also kind of enjoy it. I love to cook, so making food for Ford is an outlet that I really love, plus I know exactly what he's getting at each meal. And believe me, I swear it's not that hard! If it was, I probably wouldn't do it ( I'm all about easy people!). So here's a little "How We Do It," for those of you who are interested or thinking about jumping on the bandwagon with your bambino. 

Here goes....

We try to buy from our local Farmer's Market which tend to sell GREAT organic and CHEAP fruits and veggies. Or we'll get what's not in season in the freezer department at our local grocery store. I make food about once every two/three weeks and then store it in the freezer. 

I absolutely love the One Step Ahead Fresh N' Freeze Containers, they screw on, and stack very nicely in the freezer, plus their BPA free, so you can microwave them etc. Love!

Then I label each 2 oz. container with Scotch freezer tape. Scotch is my favorite brand because it sticks but doesn't leave a sticky residue when it's time to wash the container. I hate trying to peel a label off with my fingernails, grrr!!!!
And finally, some of my favorite baby cookbooks are.....

All three are extremely helpful and offer lots of great advice and guidelines in terms of healthy cooking but also have some DELISH recipes that'll have your baby saying "Yummmm!" in no time! 

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  1. VERY interesting! Thanks for breaking it down. Seems pretty manageable. Who knows what we will do when we eventually have kids but I think I would be interested in making our own!


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