Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ten Year Reunion....holy smokes, that flew!?!?

Wow, time flies when your having fun! Geez, I can't believe the time has come to celebrate our ten year high school reunion. Seriously, where did the time go? Weren't we graduating like yesterday? I still feel eighteen, certainly I'm not......(gulp) one year away from turning the big 3-0....yikes! It just goes so quick, but then, wow, so much has been packed into the last ten years--- I graduated college, got my first, second, and third job, moved out on my own, met my husband, moved in with my husband, married my husband, moved across country, bought my first house, renovated a house, got pregnant, had a baby.... whew.... are you tired yet!?!? 

 With all that said,weirdly, I'm not all that into my high school reunion. Ten years ago, I think it's safe to say people would've assumed I would have been first to RSVP for this trip down memory lane, but I guess the past ten years have changed me. I'm just not all that into it. I still talk to all my close girlfriends from high school. In fact, I'm proud to say they're still some of my best friends! I know what they are up to and what's going on in their lives. The rest of my high school friends went to other schools, so they wouldn't even be at my reunion and luckily, thanks to facebook, those I want to keep up with- I can. Since I don't live in Florida anymore, going to my reunion would entail buying a plane ticket, rearranging plans, making new plans etc., so, with all that said, I've decided not to go. Totally weird and UN-Crispin like, but hey, it's been ten years and things change :) 

 I leave you with a few incriminating photos of me and my girls back in the day.....

And just so you can all get a good laugh and make fun of my Junior Prom Dress choice...... 

What about you? Did you attend your high school reunion???

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. HAHA! What a great way to start my morning! Don't feel too bad, I didn't go to my 10 year SPHS reunion either. But your pics definitely take me back to my own crazy set of pics!


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