Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because sometimes my Dad just gets it.

So, my Dad's going to read this and probably roll his eyes and then make a joke to my Mom, like.... "What? she couldn't think of anything else to write about???" because that's how my Dad is.... but seriously, my Dad is pretty great. Every once in awhile, he does unexpected things that either make my day or just make me smile. He's just like that. 

For instance, when Ford was first born and Tyler was gone all the time for work and we were struggling with what was wrong with my super inconsolable, non-napping child (dang milk allergy). I received a random bouquet of flowers with a card that read.....

Notice, he doesn't say I Love You, or Love Dad. Because that's just not his style. He's kinda "bashful." He definitely gets that from his Dad (my Grandpa). 

So, where am I going with this.... 

Well this morning my Dad made me smile, actually he made me laugh....really hard. Tyler and I are going home to Florida for the holidays and as excited as I am, I'm also tense. We've got a lot of family in Florida to see and it kind of becomes a juggling act trying to see everyone and make people feel like they got quality time with us. Now with Ford, I feel like the stakes are higher and it's not as easy to juggle. Let's face it, when your a parent, the kid's schedule kinda becomes your life. And no, I'm not a crazy "everything must stop, because my child is napping," kinda Mom, but when my kid's tired, he's tired. He doesn't want to be played with, he wants to sleep and gosh darnit' he's going to tell you about it. So anyway, I digress... So the holidays, there stressful and like any normal woman, I think about the things I cannot control and I worry. I get lost in my thoughts as I try to hammer out a "schedule" of where we'll be and when. Now, all this said, I really haven't said a peep about my "stress level," til right now. So imagine, my surprise when in my inbox this morning I find an email from my Dad, with no words, just an attachment. I click and am greeted by the title, "What if We went Into the Holidays Expecting to Actually Enjoy Them?"

I laughed out loud, I laughed really hard. My Dad had called me out. And it just made me die.....
Plus the article's pretty darn funny and truthful! 

So Dad because I love you and because that email made my day, I promise to try my hardest to not have preconceived notions of how the Holidays will go. Er..... or at least I'll try, promise :) 

If ya'll are interested in the article, click here, I swear it's roll on the ground kinda funny and yes even a little insightful. 

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. dads rock.
    home will be fun!!
    relax and enjoy! what YOU ALL want to do. dont worry about the rest.
    wish i was going to be there too!


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