Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just another Manic Monday ( Wednesday??)


As I'm sure most of you can agree, November and December are two CRAZY months! We've got a lot going on in the Deneault household and right now my brain is abuzz with what to do and when to do what! Yikes! So here's a totally random, totally unexplainable, BRAIN DUMP from the mind of yours truly...

1. Ford needs a few new toys, he's not quite ready for stand up and walk or big kid toys, but he's super bored of his excersaucer, crawl ball and the toys he plays with on his blanket. No clue what he'd find interesting at this stage. Suggestions?

2. I desperately need new boots. Darn you Tory Burch for having the most adorable boot EVER and being SOLD OUT (Selma, Almond Color)....not fair..... Nothing compares.....Grr, still on the hunt......

3. I'm absolutely loving this "cold" spell we've been having in SA. And by cold I mean in the 70's. Regardless, I'll take it- I was so sick of the heat!

4. We have a neighborhood garage sale this weekend. Is it bad that I'd literally like to dump the contents of our house on my driveway and sell it all!? Argh, we've got to get organized! Tyler will be working again, so Ford and I will be selling our wears on our own. First garage sale, wish us luck. 

5. We're hosting Thanksgiving this year in SA, gotta get crackin'. I haven't done a thing and I'm starting to feel like I'm behind the eight ball! T- 20 days until the relatives start to arrive.

6. I think Ford is starting to have a little separation anxiety and I'm not going to lie, it's starting to get on my nerves just a bit. He'll be playing perfectly well all by himself and the second he sees me, he starts to cry, which then turns into a wail. He doesn't do this with Tyler at all. Needless to say it makes getting things done in the house "hard," considering our living room is smack dab in the center, meaning every time I need to go somewhere, I have to crawl behind the couch to get from point a to point b. My knees do not like my son right now. 

7. Tyler and my anniversary was yesterday. He was out of town on business. This is the second year I've spent our anniversary alone, boo. Ladies who aren't married, listen to me, make your first anniversary awesome (we went to NYC) bc life kinda gets in the way after that! Anniversary Schmaniversary.......Geez! 

8. I've been trying to sew (monogram & applique onesies) a ton lately...... not really working out, but trying...... My goal is to start an etsy business in January, stay tuned for details......

9. Countdown to Girls Getaway in NYC is on!!! December 8th you can NOT come fast enough! This Mama needs a break!!!! A break from baby, a break from husband, a break from the dog, and just a break period. I am drained. Can't wait to cut lose with my ladies!! 

10.  Hmmm, I need one more thing to brain dump & blog bc my OCD won't let me end on an odd number, sooooo...... hmmm.... I've been blogging for a whole year, can you believe it? I think blogging is the longest hobby I've ever stuck with! Go me (heehee, kidding, sorta :))

Hope your all having a happy Wednesday! 

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  1. a. happy belated anny!! ah! (woops)
    b. ETSY! oh m gee


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