Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mommy's Wish List......

Dear Santa,

I'm pretty sure you know about all the small stuff I would like this Christmas, like pjs, L.L bean tote bags, automatic wine opener, coffee table books, workout clothes, a new robe, and maybe a new collar for Tana, but in case you were wondering what would throw me over the moon in excitement here are a few ideas. Of course, I don't want everything on my list, but wanted to give you a bunch of ideas.... just in case you were wondering...... 

I really want to finish my collection of barware from William Sonoma,
 in case they ever decide to discontinue it. I still need the following:

herehere, or here
I'm trying really hard to eat healthy and work out six days a week! As you may know, my 2012 goal is to run the San Antonio Rock N' Roll Marathon, this heart rate monitor would be greeeeaaaaat!


I'd really like this frame, but in a key lime color, in the largest frame they have (30x40) for above our mantel. I think it would be absolutely adorbs. Please disregard the price tag. Santa, this could be an heirloom...... (heeheee) 

I am in love with this beautiful monogram necklace; however, my husband thinks it'll make me look like Puff Daddy ( you know- the rapper), but I don't care. I think it's cute!

I'd really like this Silhouette Machine. Why? Because then I could label everything, not to mention make cute cards, etc. And let's be honest I'm a crafting freak.


And this North Face, well, I've wanted one since I can remember and now that I'm a Mom and in and out of the house as much as I am, this would be a great jacket to throw on as I race out the door- just saying :)

And finally, Light Brown Revas..... why do I need this expensive of a shoe.... honestly...... well honestly, no reason at all, other than I realllllllyyyyyy like them.....did I mention I've been REALLY good this year?????!?!?!?! 

And just because....

Like I said Santa, you've always been reallllyyy good to me, but I just wanted 
to give you a few ideas, in case you found yourself stumped :)

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  1. you kill me. want that book, too! & omg i just read the top part again. outofcontrol.


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