Friday, November 11, 2011


It's Friday! Wuhooo!!! We made it folks! 

It's 33 degrees this morning in SA. What I'm loving? Waking up, snuggly in my pj's with my loves, sipping on coffee and feeling the warmth of this..... 

(sorry for the poor iphone photo)

When we bought the house my hubby and I agreed that we would DEFINITELY convert the fireplace from gas back to the original state. We just love the crackling of a real fire, the smell etc. However, when we're able to just wake up in the a.m. and say "Hey, let's have a fire" and snap, turn it on..... Hmmmm, maybe this isn't so bad. Convenience or nostalgia, hmmmmm :) 

Anywho, we've got a big weekend planned! Today we're taking Ford's six month photos and then spending the day as a family. Then T is taking me out for an early birthday dinner and then tomorrow we're attending our first Wurstfest, which I'm told is a Texas Institution. Can't wait! 

Hope you all have terrific weekends!

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