Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy, busy bee!!!

Wow! It's been a busy few days! But, I'm happy to say we are finally getting in our groove and are on some sort of schedule. Senor Ford's acid reflux seems to have calmed down (thank you Dr. Eric Springer!) and Ford seems to be feeling really GREAT!

Mom's even managed to do a few things for herself! Ford and I have been going to Mommy Boot Camp on a regular basis for two weeks and I'm meeting some really fun women! Not to mention, getting my mommy booty kicked! Yay!

I even managed to take a sewing class on Monday night (Don't laugh!) I learned how to make a pillow! Pretty exciting considering how much sofa pillows generally retail for :)

And then I'm gearing up for a little cocktail party I'm hosting on Thursday night for some fun women I've met over the past few months! Pretty excited! I'm making oreo cheesecake cupcakes... you know you want one :)

And of course spending QT with this little guy! Who, if you look closely, has found his feet!!!! So cute!!! (pardon the drool, we still have a faucet on our hands folks!)

In other news, I promise that I will post Ford's room pictures soon, but I'm still on the hunt for three big vintage looking frames. I have scoured the San Antonio GoodWill and have struck out! Grrrr. San Antonio peeps, any idea where I could find some old, cool frames? The color doesn't matter since once I get them I'm going to spruce em up! Let me know if you've got an idea! 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. awesome!!! where did you take a class? Im beyond impressed with the pillow. you both look so cute! xoxoxo


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