Friday, August 19, 2011

Ford is Four Months Old!

(I mean seriously, who couldn't love this kid?)


You are SUCHA ham! This past month you have changed so much! You can rollover on your own now, back to front and ALMOST front to back. You are too cute! You giggle and laugh when you do it, which absolutely cracks me up. The other day you suddenly went completely quiet while on your play mat, I looked over and you were GONE! I kinda had a mini heart attack, while visions of kidnapping danced through my head (yes, your Mom is a slight hypochondriac!) and then I heard a giggle coming from beneath the coffee table... I looked and you had somehow scooted yourself almost three feet, completely underneath the table! I got down on my hands and knees and said "What do you think your doing?" You looked at me and let out the loudest and longest giggle! Already, I am certain, you are going to give me a run for my money child! 

You sleep thru the night ranging from 11-12 hours, which I LOVE! Still no real "nap" schedule however. You and I are sort of at war on this one! The darn Babywise book is for the birds (with you anyways), you scream regardless of the schedule I've put you on, for the full hour I try to get you to nap.... grrrr..... If you could work on this during month five, Mommy would REALLY appreciate it! :) 

We've taken you swimming a few times and you really seem to like that! The bath is also becoming more of an activity for you, your starting to move your hands in the water to make splashes. I have no doubt by the end of month four you'll be truly "playing" in the tub!!

We're biased, but we think,  you are the absolute CUTEST baby on the block, we are putty in your hands Little! We love you!!! 

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