Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen hits and misses....

Ok, so yesterday I had a big hit and a big MISS!!!! Let's start with the miss, you may remember this post, where I described the lovely gift my hubby got me this past Valentine's Day. Well, truth be told I have only used this machine to make Tortilla Soup, which was/is awesome, BUT this was the demo they used in the store to sell the machine, so I knew it would be good. Obviously, I haven't used it yet to make baby food bc Ford is still a little ways away from that. HOWEVER, last night I ventured into the "unknown" and attempted to make Veggie Soup..... well....... it was a BUST, turned out to look like green goo. So much so, that Tyler held Ford over it and even he, who puts anything is his mouth, was disgusted..... hence the picture....

So, a big boo to that one. BUT then I made the yummy oreo cheesecake cupcakes I talked about yesterday and well.... AAAAA-MAAAA-ZZZZZZING!!!!

You can find my pin for these here, thank you Joyful Baker!!! Yummy!!! Can't wait to serve these tonight at Dinner Divas!

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