Friday, August 5, 2011

A little clarification....

All you girls crack me up! First, thank you so much for your caring calls, emails, texts etc. Just to clarify, I am not sad that I'm not going to be a size 0 again ( it's more of a choice and well a hip "issue" not fat just stretched!). I'm actually totally fine with it, seriously :) And if you ask my Mom she'll tell you, I was way too skinny when I was a size 0 anyway (which honestly she may as well of recorded and just put on replay, since she told me so often----thanks Mom!))

So that being said, I am working to become a size 2 again, that't the goal anyways! So, no worries! Remember I'm a short 5'3 so a 2 or a 4 is a realistic, healthy size for me :) I'm proud to report that since my melodramatic post about weight two weeks ago, I've lost seven pounds! And no I'm not starving myself, I've just been working out like a mad woman and eating lots of veggies and lean meats!!! I'm doing baby boot camp, my elliptical, and walking 24/7! My goal is to have lost 10 more pounds for Vegas which is at the end of September! Cross your fingers ladies!!!

And in the meantime, buy my clothes!!! The more I sell the more hubby let's me spend on the house and believe me, I've got LOTS of projects floating around in my head, so please help a girl out :).

Have s GREAT weekend!!!! 
My goal is to finish the DARN tree!!!!! Cross fingers! 

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