Friday, January 7, 2011

50th Blog Post Giveaway!

Hard to believe, but I've already written 50 posts! Yikes! Thanks to all my readers who have encouraged me to "keep at it" with all your kind and thoughtful comments! That said, I encourage you to become a follower of my blog ad let me know your out there (I know you are according to my google stats :)). You can do this by clicking on the followers button on the bottom, right hand corner. That said, if you sign up by Monday, January 10th, 5PM to become a follower you will be entered to win eight custom monogrammed white napkins (with your choice of thread color)! Below, please find an example:

P.S If you have a blog and you mention my giveaway on your blog (leave me a comment letting me know) and I just might enter your name twice in the contest :)

Have a GREAT weekend! 


  1. Haha this is fantastic! A blog I follow...secretly loves pink....she trades handmade...and she makes great stuff!

  2. how cute are you! you have google stats? you are light years ahead of me in the world of blogging :)


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