Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling VERY loved this afternoon....

If your anything like me, then sometimes you have a day where you just feel like no one understands, you feel alone, and as moronic as it sounds you just feel unloved. Those are the days where you don't want to leave the house, you call your best friend or husband and boo-hoo on the phone to get it all out. It's tough and unfortunately when your pregnant, those days tend to happen a LOT more than usual.... especially when your by yourself as much as I've been lately.

So, I feel like it's very important to recognize when you have an out of this world day. When you have a day so special that it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today was that kinda day for me. And here's why..... 

It had all the makings of a bad day. I haven't slept in days (thank you migraines, heartburn, and the knowledge of recent burglaries in my neighborhood), Tyler's been gone for going on two weeks, and on top of it all I'm doing what most women do and worrying about things I cannot control.

So there I am,  I'm drinking my morning coffee (decaf!) fretting over finding a new OBGYN in San Antonio when low and behold I sign onto facebook and have a gazillion suggestions from friends! Yay! Not only that but I see that my voice mail is blinking missed call and listen to a message from my Aunt Francie (well, technically she's my Godmother, but I call her Aunt) who tells me she has a friend in San Antonio whose daughter is pregnant and she's got a GREAT OBGYN and here are all the details..... score! 

Then later on in the day I go to grab the mail and unexpectedly find a box in the mail from my Aunt Sarita. I open it up and my jaw drops, it's a Lilly dress ( I loooooove Lilly!!!!) with a note, " For your shower...." And even better- it fits! 

Then, as if my day could not get any better, a special delivery from the UPS comes and low and behold the plates that I had been lusting over at Anthropologie, special delivery from a dear, dear, Deneault family friend who keeps up on my blog and saw that I'd been drooling! 


I cannot even describe how much these three women made my day! I literally have huge tears in my eyes right now because I am THAT touched that they would go out of there way to make me feel so special! Each of these gestures was just so unexpected! I promise you it couldn't have come at a better time and it's allllllmmmosst as good as being able to reach out and give you all a huge hug! 

So as I mentioned in the title of this post, I'm feeling VERY loved this afternoon. Thank you for making my day a bit brighter!

I am one lucky girl :) 

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