Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's talk baby clothes.....

Ok, so I am a bit unsure as to whether or not I should share this tidbit, as you'll probably think I am the worst BUT in an attempt to ALWAYS be absolutely honest on this blog, here goes..... I think I may be a baby clothes snob...... 

Call me the worst Mom ever, but I am so not into what I like to call- "ewwy, goeey" baby boy clothes.... I don't like animals all over the kids onesie and I don't like cute little sayings on the front like "Mom's little angel" or whatever.... I am kinda picky. That's not to say I don't like animals because I do, I'm just particular..... I'll give you a few examples.... 

In my opinion, Gymboree & Carter's are BIG culprits in the "ewwy, goeey" baby boy clothing department. That's not to say I'll never shop there because once in awhile I'm sure they'll be something I like but in general I tend to roll my eyes at the clothing combinations they come up with; hence the few photos below: 

The above is just not my style AT ALL. After LOTS of googling, I was beginning to think I was going to have to sew all my kids clothes or rely on Baby Polo or Etsy for the kinda "classic" stuff I was envisioning and then my sister in law filled me in on some GREAT kids clothing stores that are right up my alley. So in case all you other Mom's or soon to be Mom's are in the dark like me, here are a few of the sites she recommended. I AM IN LOVE! 
 C.W.D Kids

Rag's Land
The Best Dressed Child
Just Ducky
Kelly's Kids

Ok, I could go on forever, but you get the idea.... I'm really into "classic," clothes. Nothing against the "other" version of kids clothes, it's just not my style.... As my husband points out there's a fine line between classic boys clothing and "girly" clothing.... So I'm sure we'll be having many a debate over Ford's wardrobe, but for now, "this is what I' talking about :)." 

Have a great Sunday! 


  1. i hear ya. we have "at home" outfits and "people will see me" outfits.
    you'll want a set of "i don't care" outfits tho. for days when you don't go out. or just run errands. onesies that you don't care if they get snot, milk, etc on.
    when you are changing the outfit *yet again* because his diaper explodes, or he threw up, you'll want some plain ol run of the mill onesies on hand.
    or at least, that's my advice :)

  2. Also check out Janie and Jack. They are my favorite. But keep in mind, u will want clothes that are easy to take on and off and comfortable for your little one too, especially when he is tiny. God willing he won't have reflux (Carter did) b/c then u can kiss all his (and your) nice clothes goodbye.

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