Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm back!

Yikes! Forgive me for my unexplained absence! I did have a post explaining where I had gone, but then hubby gently reminded me that my blog is "public," and therefore anyone out there in the blogosphere could read it, therefore my post stating " Gone to San Antonio," to look for homes. Could in fact be taken as an open invitation to come on over while no one's home. Hah! Oops. So I quickly deleted my entry and then life kinda got crazy!

So, as I mentioned I flew down to San Antonio to meet hubby and to start our home search. Wow, what a whirlwind. We had a little hiccup with the realtor and the first two days left me feeling very uptight and nervous about where we would end up in San Antonio- visions of a temporary apartment and a new baby were dancing through my head (AGH!) But after debriefing and clearly defining our needs and wants we were back on track and looking at homes.

I should mention that San Antonio is HUGE and offers a plethora of housing. the issue we ran into is that Tyler and I are city snobs. As I've mentioned before we love the downtown living. I'm not talking about the high-rise kind of living, I mean the adorable, older, bungalow living that usually resides right outside the heart of a downtown area. The issue....San Antonio has it, BUT the area is really small and so it's slim picking when it comes to availability. The homes we found were either at the tip top of our price range, too small, and still needed a bit of updating OR they were reasonably priced, a pretty good size, BUT needed a boat load of work. we had to make a choice.....

The square footage issue scared me as I envisioned all the baby gear I would suddenly be acquiring over the next few months. I hate clutter and all I could imagine was overfilled closets and things stuffed in weird places. BUT as much as Tyler and I enjoy a good renovation, I kept thinking about how different our lives would be with the addition of Baby Ford.... What to do, what to do.....

Ultimately, our love of the city and our need for a sizable house won and we found a house that needs some renovation, but is much larger then the ones at the tip top of our price range. The good news is this house needs the basic kind of renovations, nothing too, too scary.....

1. New floor in kitchen, master bath, and porch
2. New paint through out
3. Crown-molding needs to be replaced
4. New appliances in kitchen
5. New awning needed on the exterior
6. New driveway (eventually)
7. Landscaping needs help
8. A few other odds and ends

So, yes, it's definitely not a small list, BUT nothing that we haven't done before, so nothing that makes us run screaming for the hills.

That said, this decision means that Ford's room may or may not be ready in time for his arrival. Which sends shivers down this control freak's spine, BUT I just need to envision the end result A GREAT house, that looks just like me, right in the heart of the action! Now just pray that the seller wants to agree on all of our terms!

Ok readers, here's where you come in.... your going to have to periodically remind me to breathe over the next two months.....It's going to be a roller coaster !! But hey, I guess that's really not new for Tyler and I....As I look back at our relationship and all we've gone through and accomplished- I've gotta say, it's always a bit of a roller coaster around here! Thank goodness I've got a great partner!

Yikes, so there's my brain dump update! Hope you all are having a great Monday and I promise I'll be updating the blog periodically this week! 

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