Sunday, January 2, 2011

Help a Girl Out....

Ok, so I think I've FINALLY finished my registry..... Not to be dramatic, but this darn thing has truly been a labor of love. I've cried, screamed, stood in front of the bottle aisle gaping at the amount of nipple choices, and almost thrown the computer against the wall... I'd have to say that this experience truly freaked me out. I had no idea how much " STUFF" a baby needs...... or more specifically how much stuff a store wants you to "believe" a baby needs! Thank god for sister in laws who have children; otherwise I would have scrapped the whole thing and decided to just wrap my baby up in saran- wrap, given him a popsicle to occupy himself and called it a day.... jk... sorta.

So.... all that said I'm asking all you Mama's out there to be nosey and PLEASE poke around my registry.... I'm not hinting that I want gifts or asking you to buy any of these wonderful items. I'm just sincerely asking for your advice. Is there a product on there that stinks? Is there an AWESOME product I'm missing? I'm the first of my girls to have a baby and therefore I need ALL the advice I can get :) So please, please, please take a look at the right side of my blog under "Baby Ford's Registry" and click away.... What do you think?

Please note that I purposely haven't registered for any of my nursery furniture yet since we're moving and call me crazy (my husband does) I just want to see the space before I order the furniture. So, we've got to find a house before I dive into that can of worms. Argh.

So please, please, please, help a girl out! Thanks! 

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  1. Crispin...I enjoyed reading your blog. Although we haven't registered yet, I can relate to being overwhelmed and I also depend on my sister in laws to tell me what to get...I am even probably taking them to the store with me! I love the Madras bedding from PBK...its the same one that we have picked out for our nursery...I can't wait to sees how it looks...hoping you'll post pics once you have the nursery complete. Good luck!


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